Edward Cullen is an abusive boyfriend.

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Inspired by the release of Midnight Sun (which is Twilight retold from Edward’s perspective) and out of sheer boredom during quarantine, I decided to re-read Twilight for my podcast Breaking Down Bad Books.

Since reading Twilight as a gawky, sexually-repressed 16 year old, I earned a Bachelor’s of English Literature and had my own foray into the dating world and relationships.

These formative ‘adult’ experiences allowed me to realise two major themes during my re-read of Twilight:

In the first half of the book alone, we witness Edward stalking Bella, gas-lighting her, isolating her, withholding information, and teasing her. …

What J.K. Rowling doesn’t want you to know…

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Since J.K. Rowling apparently can’t resist an anti-trans tirade, this Pride Month presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the characters from the Wizarding World who are (probably) out and proud members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Madam Hooch

Madam Hooch is your textbook lesbian coach. She’s a confident and comforting role model for all the queer students at Hogwarts. She rocks that short haircut like the unbothered queen that she is.

Barty Crouch Jr

Barty was hopelessly devoted to Voldemort. It clearly went deeper than the usual Death Eater / Dark Lord relationship — you could cut the sexual tension between them with Gryffindor’s sword. …

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The qualities brands should look for when selecting their ambassadors and paid…

And the title for Best Musical goes to…the savvy marketers

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How did “Wicked” lose the Best Musical award to “Avenue Q” at the 2004 Tonys? This musical theatre scandal has been puzzling me for the past sixteen years.

Today, I finally solved it, and I was surprised to find the answer involved genius marketing on the part of “Avenue Q.”

I must first declare that I am a “Wicked” fanboy. I have seen multiple different productions of “Wicked from the West End to Melbourne, and I have even performed in an amateur production of “Wicked in my hometown (I played a student at Shiz University and Winkie Guard #3 — send me your playbills and I’ll sign them for you). …

A true story about family bonding against a backdrop of booze, boobs and open-plan bathrooms.

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Last November, my sister, my cousin and I took a trip to Cancun, Mexico.

It has taken me six months to fully process the trauma I experienced on this holiday, resulting from the fact that we inadvertently booked ourselves into a resort for swingers.

Temptation Cancun Resort is an adults-only, topless-optional hotel with a self-named ‘Sexy Pool’.

We booked the resort without having done much research because we saw the words ‘all-inclusive’ and ‘adults only’ and we thought “great, no kids.” Plus, it was cheaper than every other hotel in the Cancun hotel zone.

We booked ourselves in for three nights. …

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Stephen King has a massive bibliography, including 63 novels and over 200 short stories. Even if you’ve never read any of King’s work, you would no doubt be familiar with some of his more famous characters and plots — from demonic clowns to telekinetic teenagers, from a writer and his family trapped in an empty hotel to a cemetery which brings dead pets back to life.

King’s back-catalogue can be intimidating to new or casual readers, especially as he has explored so many different genres, themes, and writing styles over the past five decades. …

A vegetarian reluctantly attends a Spanish bullfight.

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I have a policy while travelling that I try and never say the word ‘no.’

Do you want to go get a drink? Yes.

Is one more round of sangria really a good idea? Yes.

So it is true that Australians have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol? Yes.

When I’m travelling, I don’t like to close myself off from new experiences and opportunities.

When I was living in Madrid and the question was ‘Do you want to come to a traditional Spanish bullfight?’ I had a little more trouble answering.

I was torn because I knew I would hate it and I didn’t want to financially support animal cruelty. …


Nathan Patrick Brown

Peace enthusiast, musical theatre junkie, globetrotter, and chihuahua dad from Wollongong, Australia. Host of Breaking Down Bad Books podcast. He/him.

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